Anyone want to hazard a guess (or know) why of all the Google apps

Anyone want to hazard a guess (or know) why of all the Google apps out there that work, Google + isn’t available for the X3 Plus?
Seems to run on every other watch, even my Omate Rise.

It isn’t available for my Q1 either.

if you use M2D you’ll get your notificatins of G+ to your watch and will be able to reply.

@Jim_Chisholm Hi, I realize it is more expensive than X3 plus but how does Omate Rise fare compared to X3 Plus? Thanks.

@George_C It has potential but at present is severely limited by it’s inability to utilize Google Play Services. Google Play simply does not work, although some apps can be installed directly via apks downloaded from Apkpure. Very inconsistent success rates with these apps. (However as mentioned, Google + is one app that does work on the Rise and not the X3). The built-in apkpure app fails on upgrades however and the screen is size-limiting in that many menu buttons and settings can not be accessed, as can be via the “square screen” option on the X3 Plus.
It’s still technically in Beta form and it’s development seems to be hit-or-miss with a lot of frustrated backers waiting for fixes.
It is far from a complete Android experience at present with just a few canned apps, and I’m unable to install any of my paid apps via Google Play. It has integrated Alexa which is kinda cute but the developer’s attention does not seem to be focussed on addressing the biggest problem, that being Google Play Services integration.
I wish it was better, but I haven’t worn it since I got my X3 Plus.
It had huge initial funding success on Indigogo but frankly the developer has not followed through (yet).

Edit: Forgot to mention… there is also no viable means of installing extra or custom watch faces either. There a few basic styles with colour variations included but that’s it.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna Thanks, but I’m really enjoying the standalone aspect of being able to leave my phone at home :slight_smile:
Pretty sure I could set up G+ notifications via Pushbullet or Join though.

@Jim_Chisholm Thanks for the info.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna Hi Sonia I’ve been trying M2D (both PlayStore and Beta versions, Beta didnt work at all) but it’s very inconsistent to non-functional as far as call notifications go. I have an X3 Plus and a Nexus 6 running Nougat.

@Jim_Chisholm do you mean notifications of calls or answering calls? for now we can’t answer calls from the watch only get notifications, i am with the beta and it works fine both with wifi and bt i have’nt tried yet with 3g, i also have the x3+ and with all the versions i got notifications but tell you the honestly it got to do more with the app i use for pop ups on lock screen than the app M2D itself, i use C Notice and NiLS it and i get the notifications all the time. make sure that what you enter on the watch you enter on the phone.