Anyone having problems with GPS on the x5.

Anyone having problems with GPS on the x5. I can’t seem to get a lock and using some of the GPS checking apps, I still get nothing. Anyone know if there is a fix or could it be faulty GPS?

I do think this a-gps need a sim card inserted

I have a D5 and it’s not the quickest to lock onto GPS. I use it with a golf app and eventually it does start working. I also usually try to connect it to the hotspot on my phone, so maybe having the wifi on helps it work (like the built-in app needing wifi enabled…even if it’s not connected)?

Unfortunately part of the issue of down to the placement of the antenna. You quite often find that it will work much better when you don’t have the watch on your wrist.

Can’t get a GPS Signal either, if the watch is around my wrist or not. GPS Fix App does absolutely nothing. Will try the WiFi Hotspot next time I got a spare minute

I have a sim installed with data but no agps either. I’m leaving the GPS checked running all night to see if it works. I’ve also asked Jessie at Finow but she’s gone a bit quiet lately so hoping I’ll get a response soon.

When I press the locate my location button in google maps it does nothing. I did update the app recently but that shouldn’t affect GPS.

@C_For it’s a national holiday in China at the moment. She’ll be back soon.

@Pablo11 thanks for letting me know.

Can someone show me a picture of what I should be getting in the GPS checker?