Anyone had battery issues with the x5?

Anyone had battery issues with the x5? In the last week my watch goes from 100 to 30% in the matter of minutes. Any apps that could indentify the problem?

I don’t have facebook. I have very little apps installed

if you have root use wakelock detector to see what waking your watch up, have you noticed when did it start? did yo install something? if not reset your watch probably watchface doing it and for me at least reseting did the work even after i’ve installed watchfaces back on the watch.

For me still the issue on my BT which is totally useless till now.

What is the problem with BT?

My x5 and galaxy s5 won’t connect via bt

I did’nt like the installed app

Looks like it might have been a faulty USB port. I charged it off my laptop and everything seems ok now.

I got my X5 on Monday and am noticing a very fast battery drain. When in Airplane mode it’s great but once out of that the battery drains really fast. The android system is show 91%. Any ideas as what it could be?