anyone got this watch face ?

anyone got this watch face ? mine is green but i wan blue
Look for links in this post comments. You will find links for all colors.

The color is called “mint”. As Jacek K stated, there are several other color as as well in the link he posted. Just read the entire comments.

mint color is different when i put into my finow Q1.maybe between amoled and lcd

seen like very bright

On Amoled and lcd the colors are different.
Alex If you want you can post a picture of the exact color your like.

@Di_Di thanks.maybe a dark mint

Please post a exemple!

the one u create but can make more dacker ?

coz real and photo different.real is brighter

can u see the color different ?@Di_Di

@Di_Di maybe light blue

Ok, have you also tested the blue version? On my kw88 the blue is dark! Maybe on your Watch it is ok?

@Di_Di blue is ok.only mint is too bright on my watch.maybe can make darker…tq


Hello Alex,

I Have build now a Dark-Mint Version for You.

Maybe your Display is foulty or your screen-setting is wrong.

On My KW88 the Dark-Mint is real a little bit darker as on the Picture.

Dark Mint:

missing/deleted image from Google+

@Di_Di can u do this color

this consider light blue

Thats why i say:
Show me a exact Example :slight_smile:


missing/deleted image from Google+

t@Di_Di tq bro