Anyone else have a hope?

I am the proud owner of a new kospet hope, I in love with it. Any feedback from owners? I immediately changed the silicone band for a black milanese steel one and I love it even more.


Yes, it’s an incredible watch, the hardware is really outstanding. The feel and the material appearance are high quality. The Universal launcher works perfect on this watch. The data cable is a must have , imo.


It´s amazing smartwacht, for me it´s one of the best!!!


I have a Kospet Hope, it´s really amazing . It works very good. The battery hav a longer life .
For me it´s teh one of the best!!!
I´m waiting for the leather strap!!!


I have the Hope. Nice watch, the bezel looks like the Lemfo LemX only not edge-to-edge screen. I ordered a data cable, believing it wasn’t included no matter have 2 now. It also DOES NOT come with an extra band as shown in Smart Watch Ticks YouTube video, instead comes with a data cable. Data cable is a royal pain. One of the data cables does not stay connected, the other cable I have to forcibly push in and remove it I have to use pliers.

Yes, I know about the watch face transfer app going to give it a try!


I am using Kospet Hope for the last two months. Awesome watch!


i am using my hope as a daily driver for 2 months now . The last firmware gave my much better battery life . good watch but the standard UI is underwhelming . Top notch Hardware with very basic UI


The hope watch is awesome! So far it’s been amazing but I’ve been having trouble with the make your own custom face feature, every time I try to click the accept option, the screen doesn’t seem to respond, anyone know why?

I havent found this option yet, where do you have the ability to make your own faces?

If you scroll down through all of your watch faces at the end you will see a dark watch face with the photo gallery logo on it, or at least that’s what I think I know :thinking:

I have a Hope too…
Any tips to increase the battery time? With a sim installed, Wifi off, Brightness 0, GPS off i start with 100% and after a few hours it is nearly empty.

@Rebecca_H this is not a normal battery life. It should stand for 2 days of normal use…at least

there was a Firmware problem with the early models. Make sure that the latest Firmware is installed.

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I‘m using the watch since one week. After the first start there was an update.

When i take a look into the Power saving option i often see „Android OS with the most percent.

When i have 100% and put it into flight mode…Lay it on my nighttable…the next morning i have 85%.

Please share the link to buy, Thank you!

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use sweech for wireless file transfer no need for a data cable

I have had mine a couple of days now and im not very happy tbh.
Was hoping (pardon the pun) for a little more on the fitness side of things.
The watch needs a fitness app that uses the gps and heart rate AND syncs with google fit.
And needs to be able to reply to messages when tethered to a phone.
The hardware is great but the software is poor IMO

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agreed the the UI is utterly useless and underwhelming . allow me to give some advice .
use runmeter premium which is very accurate on the watch GPS (device only ) the prem version allows one to send your workout to your email open the link and have all the details of your workout , update your google fit in the play store and it starts detecting move mins and heart points automatically.
Heartontop is a good app to check your HR 24/7 and plots in on the screen while exercising . reset your gps data every 2-3 days with gps reset . i know its cumbersome but you need 4-5 apps to get one thing done a good fitness would solve all . I am asking for it for 2 months now i havent got a single reply from KOSPET till today .im working for a sports university 8-9 teachers would like to have a smartwatch I told them not to buy a KOSPET and i wont do it either next watch not a KOSPET anymore .I HATE COMPANIES WITH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

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do a factory reset to clean the rubbish my kospet drains 3-4 % only overnight