anyone can create this?

anyone can create this? with battery life and date would be good :slight_smile:


and who says please and thank you?

@Jurgen_Oberst good point …

Please and thank you in advance

Was in a hurry posting it. My apologies

I havent actually but ill try that @Jurgen_Oberst . And hopefully i can find one. Im actually new in using google plus. In fact this is the 1st community i joined. So im not that familiar yet in navigating here.

@Jed_Alison_Bello Daniel did some of them here his profile look for it there

I checked his profile and saw something similar but its for mercedes and bmw only. Plus its all digital also. But thanks @Jurgen_Oberst

@Jed_Alison_Bello talk to him maybe he want to do one since he allready did similar ones. greets