Anybody notice that when you do a fresh install of D5 firmware (latest or

Anybody notice that when you do a fresh install of D5 firmware (latest or any other for that matter). That Google Voice Search works well, and if you ask things such as “What is the weather today” or “What is todays’ date” it reads the output through the speaker. But once you start installing things (and I am not sure which app did it). but after a while the voice response stops working. Real bummer as I loved that feature (kinda point of having a speaker).
I checked the Voice output and TTS/Speech output, still shows Google. Any ideas?

I’ve noticed that too, and it’s a huge disappointment. I hope the community can help isolate the problem and get it back. I don’t loose the voice on my phone, just on the watch. Very puzzling.

What i did to correct the problem was go to play store on the watch then search for the google app. Uninstall the latest version so it goes back to the original watch version. Since iv done that the voice responses work. I havnt updated the google app since.

@Dwain_Watson thanks for the tip. I can report that it does indeed work. Not sure what else will eventually break by not having up to date Google apps, but a good solution for now. :slight_smile:

Good catch. That worked for me, too. Back to having my results spoken to me as well as shown on the screen. The logo returned to the earlier square blue one, too. I haven’t noticed a loss in anything yet, either. Sometimes newer isn’t necessarily better.