Anybody know how to enter Engineering mode on these watches and activate the 1900MHz

Anybody know how to enter Engineering mode on these watches and activate the 1900MHz band on those watches that support it? My at&t SIM lets me make calls, and it shows 3G in the top menu with swipe down, but no data connect. I heard that you need to manually activate the 1900MHz band. I’m not enough familiar with the cellular data side of all this to figure it out. Thanks for the help!

@Lokifish_Marz interestingly after I updated my X5 to the latest firmware again (done it a couple of times before) I cannot get any GSM services at all. Tried restoring IMEI - nvram.bin makes no difference at all. In about it syas service unavailable but apn and sim card show up in connection. It’s as if there is no radio at all for GSM.
The only thing that helps is restoring a TWRP full backup. Again restoring nvram only doesn’t work.
Even more strangely - neither does going back to the previous SP Tools version…

It has been reported the Q1 supports 1900MHz for sure (Jessie mentioned it to someone, not sure who) and No.1 may be supporting it in D6. Since we’re not talkin’ those platforms here, I’m putting out the general question, if there were watches that DID support 1900MHz, and the band needed to be turned on manually, as I’ve been told, how would it be done? I can move this whole conversation over to XDA if more appropriate.

Based on other MTK phones, the only way to change/unlock disabled frequencies would be to flash a modem.img with the right frequencies.

Also you can use MTK Engineering Mode on playstore to access engineering mode. Not sure if it works on the watches, but supports most MTK based phones, including full 6580 phones.

Thanks @Inceptual_Games I’ll check it out. Just got confirmation back from No.1 that they do NOT support 1900 on the D6, only 850 and 2100. That leaves only the Q1 as a possibility and, of course, all the new round Android 5.1 watches just being released.

@SmartWatch_Ticks I can tell you now that the Q1, D6 and do not support the 1900 band for 3g. I am about to check the I2 which arrived today and I’ll let you know.

Enter the engineering mode typing (asterisk#111#asterisk) and select Band Mode

Thanks @Zubayrography , that’s exactly what I was looking for.

@SmartWatch_Ticks You’re welcome Sir.

there is a play store app called mtk engineering mode. It does all you need because it activates the app already hidden on your phone. No root needed. Just remembered it :slight_smile:

so this app will be able to tell me which mode I am in. There are several engineering mode apps on playstore…

What are you looking for in particular ?

I was looking to see if 1900MHz was supported. Since then I learned how to configure the watch for the at&t network in the USA. I’ll be shooting a video on that process soon as most of my YouTube audience is in the USA. The D6 and Q1 don’t support at&t out of the box. I don’t know about the I2, 'cause, well, you know.

looking forward to seeing this video…

Well - I have checked them all.
KW88 is the only one which has the ability to support it but even then may not actually do so… :slight_smile:
It requires a different antenna so unless a significantly large enough order were made to justify the change in antenna - it aint happening…

@SmartWatch_Ticks - so what did you have to change on the watches to get AT&T supported?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 You’re just gonna have to watch the video [wink].

My watch has support, when I pull up on the bottom of the screen, it show: 3G (2 bars right now) and an H

@Splen_Dence Yes, it may show 3G, but are you getting actual data? With WiFi not connected and Bluetooth not internet tethered, can you access Play Store, etc.?