Any Upcoming FAWs I should be aware of?

Do the insiders here know of any upcoming FAWs, in particular with a focus on battery life?

I was thinking about getting a APPLLP 4 Pro but want to make sure I don’t regret the purchase in a few months when something better releases.

There are currently no new watches about to be released.


I am enjoying my APPLLP 4 pro very much.

Light duties gets me 2 full days between charges. The power pack (additional battery that comes with the watch) has been useful, but it is regularly now only capable of charging the watch to about 60% from the 15% battery warning mark. I top the rest up with a mains charger (700ma).

The power pack is charged with a mains power charger (1A).

Some research on the forum may shed more light on how best to maximise the charge v’s heat etc. Lots of info on which apps help or hinder the same.

Hope you enjoy your watch.