Any Lem4 owners interested in this Baselworld Beauty?

I’m planning on making this beautiful watch from Baselworld 2019. It’s the 50th Anniversary 1970’s Special Edition Tag Heuer Moraco Calibre 11. I like the design because it’s a square/round hybrid. It seems like outside of the round section is mainly decorative, but still pretty. This seems like an awesome unisex watch, good for both the men and the ladies. Anyways, here it is:

@G1NT0N1C, I wanted to point out that you gave me the idea of looking for some Baselworld inspiration… and the square faces haven’t seen an addition in a while. As I definitely do not have a square watch, I need to find someone to test it for me afterwards, although I will also use Clockskin Preview. Anyways, tell me what y’all think.

Credit to Http:// and Http:// for the image and inspiration.


Great choice! I’ve made a square watch a few weeks ago, the devon steampunk watch . No need to test it, just make a square face with WFD. The same face should work on round watches, too.

can you make with flat tire for the LemX

@G1NT0N1C Thank you! A lot of the watches I design are the ones I would love to buy the original mechanical version…if they weren’t so dang expensive. You also gotta admit that the round faces are seeing a lot more action.

@rafael_duarte As this is an actual square mechanical watch, I am designing it for a square watch. I will be adapting a round version of it, but it will lose some of the design elements and while you may be able to run it on the LemX, it won’t translate :100:%. The flat tire WILL cut the bottom off. You are welcome to download the round version, however, at this time, I have no intention on making a LemX specific version.

The lem 4 is not a square watch, it’s a rectangle…

@Eric_Crochemore No need to be facetious. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You know what I mean. As a rectangular watch, it will more accurately display a square face. Not so much with a round or flat tire style. And the Moraco is a square design.


What is WFD? Sorry I’m new

Oh Yes Please, Should look and feel great on the Lem4 pro. :slight_smile:

W atch F ace D esigner. A PC software to create watchfaces.

Its life changing :grin::grin:

G’day Brian, WFD stands for Watch Face Designer and it is a program to do what the name implies. Cheers, Doons

@Nicholas_Herczeg, Mate, Square, Rectangular, Oblong or Octagonal…that is one seriously good looking watch! Can’t wait to see what you can do with it. Cheers, Doons

@Doonsbury I really liked the retro look. It’s a 1970’s inspired variant. It’s also extremely limited edition. I will also be doing a round version, as well. Unfortunately, I will be spending the next few days moving and I have to finish the Xeric Decypher, as well. I am planning to start this ASAP, though.

@Nicholas_Herczeg Well I started collecting Analog, manual wind watches when I gave up smoking. Got a good collection of Pocket watches that are over 100 years old and around 50 manual wrist watches. I just brought a Kospet hope about 3 weeks ago and I am hoping to get into designing faces, particularly faces from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Like the one you have here, they all have a classic style and beauty. Yours will certainly be well worth waiting for!

@Doonsbury lol :smile:. I quit smoking and started to vape a little over 3 years ago. I kinda got into this by accident, but I’m having too much fun to stop. Plus if I really like a watch, but I can’t find it, I can just make it. Anyways, I am also working on a set of manuals about watch design. I plan on releasing the 1st around my birthday. It’s gonna be the beginner level manual. It’s going to cover the basics of how to design a basic photo face, a digital, analog and hybrid. Eventually I will get into layering, custom hands and animations, but that’ll probably be Book II.

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OMG I would love to have this classy looking timepiece on my LEMFO Lem4 Pro, so yes, please

@Arnold_Davis thank you for your enthusiasm. I am currently putting the Xeric Decipher on hold to work on this, due to needing a new copy of Photoshop. My only issue I have, this far, is colour matching the background. Once I get that, everything else should fall into place.