Any idea to fix some issues of this Zeblaze Thor pro?

Hi there,
I had already bought some non android smartwatches of Zeblaze and must say that this one have very satisfied me.
Vibe 2
Vibe 4 Hybrid
Vive 3 HR
I’ve already had a Sony Smartwatch 2, this one was nice, but I think has also no Google Android system, and is now outdated.
So I wanted a new Smartwatch in the style of the Vibes, must say that theses Smartwatches using the apps “Sports+” and the Vibe 3 HR “WearHealth”, bluetooth connection is great, the 2 and 4 using normal cells, the 3 charges with magnetic strap the build in accu cell.
So, I was so satisfied that I wanted another Zeblaze, I found a Thor Pro at AliExpress for a bunch of its original price, so took this one.
My Problems:

  • Blueooth Connection is unstable
  • The Wake up of screen is so lame
  • Accu consumption is unconstant
  • Phone rings, and when you will use the phone, it sounds out of the watch uncontrollable
  • WiiWatch works bad, Watch Droid better, but it’s not the implemented app…

Now my questions:

  • Does anyone now have found a very good work around?
  • Does the other ones Thor 4 and Thor 5 work also so bad as the Pro?

Need help…

Does a new or older firmware solve the problems???

No idea??? It seems that no one have this watch???
I can’t believe???

Sorry, but I can not help you. we do not get any samples from Zeblaze. Therefore, we can not perform tests.

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O.k., there are some posts about flashing firmware, but it give me no pros or cons,
maybe someone had a solution on its own, without the help from Zeblaze…
thanx for your first reply