Any idea how fix this? Any recommended glue?

Any idea how fix this? Any recommended glue?
K9 3g

What about one strip with a hole for pulse sensor (or two strips) joining all the watch? The more surface you glue, the stronger the fix will be, no matter so much the kind of glue you use
(excuse my poor english, hope it’s understandable)

The best glue I could recommend is a polyurethane glue the same one that is used for car glass replacement an it is in black.

Be carefull with antennas…

sorry but any glue that i used did’nt do the trick and this is not a replaceable straps as on the D5 or X5, mine is somehow still holding but not sure for how long and it looks ugly now with the glue that is seen.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna How did you break your straps? Is it because of the bad strap quality?

@Will_Smith when I had problems with the updates I did many resets and flashing and somehow in this process the strap broke but also bad quality on the x5 or the x1 never happened

Ummm, I thought you were a sports fan and you wear it for sports.

@Will_Smith yes the quality of straps are really bad, it’s easily ripped, I don’t know how it happened. maybe somehow my housekeeper accidentally ripped off the straps. BTW thanks all for suggestions.

@Will_Smith my opinion, it’s not suitable for sport activity at all.
I might sell it for software development or watch face design development. if anyone interested please let me know. thanks.

@Will_Smith i actually do but i do’nt think wearing it broke the strap but taking it off and on …it is even on me at night for tracking my sleep.

@Julian_H_Jharrvis what is interesting that yours broke the same place as mine, same side.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna look at this, it also happened on the same side

Mysterious power is working. Like every falling bread must be the butter side on the floor.
@Julian_H_Jharrvis Thanks for your suggestion.
@sonia_sophie_ataunna So if you don’t take it off frequency, the strap would be more durable.

@Will_Smith till now it is still holding but it looks bad with the glue sticking out.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna I can imagine how it looks like and you’re lucky that you are not OCD…

I also have the same problem with my watch, the broken parts are small, and I do not believe that a glue can fit in this little space.

@Mohamed_Ahbib I think in your case you can replace the straps.