Any chance of getting bluetooth on the X3+ to suck less?

A bit of a clickbait headline, but still…

I’ve had my X3+, my first smartwatch, for a couple of days now and in general, love it. It’s amazing what a small, cheap smartphonewatch can do.

However, the performance of the A2DP bluetooth leaves a lot to be desired.
It’s amazing that streaming spotify and tunein to your headphones works, but in essence it only works if you don’t move the watch. As soon as you start moving it the audio stutters and cuts out. Tunein seems to work a bit better than spotify.

Any chance of this improving with future firmware updates?
I’ve tested it with different headphones and speakers, so it’s not a specific watch-headphone combo that’s causing it.

Have to agree about Bluetooth. Cuts off all the time on my headphones.

Removing M2D Bluetooth Manager seem to have much improved the BT Headphone connection in my case

Is that something you had installed yourself?
I have settings search installed but couldn’t find any app named M2D bluetooth manager.

yes, that is the app to push notifications from phone to the watch. Installed from store

Anyone have info on A2DP peformance on the earlier Finow watches and if it has improved with firmware updates?
Not many discussions here and searching the google+ community didn’t help either.

There’s also a bug(or a weird setting I don’t know about?) when you have a bluetooth headseat connected.
It rings in the headseat but when you or the other person picks up the call is transferred over to the watch, causing you to have to go into the bluetooth settings and disable and then enable the phone tick box on your bluetooth headset profile.

I like the X3+, but with the bluetooth issues and GPS not getting a lock, there are certainly things to fix in (hopefully) firmware.