Any alternative chargers ? " Kospet Prime "

Hi All,

Does anyone know if there is an " Alternative " charger / docking station for a Kospet Prime ? I cannot be the only one that gets frustrated sometimes with the charger not docking properly with the watch ?

I know you can buy extra ones from Aliexpress and Gearbest etc but quite disappointing when the watch so far seems to be well built and they put the that garbage charger in the package !!

Agree or don’t agree ?

The answer is no i’m afraid but i dont find it as bad as you make out .

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To get a good connection on the first try, I do the following:
I hold the watch close to the dock until the watch pulls the dock on. That works very well for me.


I don’t really have any issues with the Prime. But that Optimus Pro…diabolical.

Mine shipped with two chargers and they both seem fine so far. Not sure why I ended up with two chargers – but not complaining. Most videos I saw prior to purchasing mentioned about extra screws but not in my case.


@mark7 hi there, you are not the only one !!! believe me, i’m getting very disapointed, with my Kospet Prime supose to be one of the “best” brands on FAW, and it’s always a pain in the … to put it charging :frowning:
was thinking on buy the Prime 2, but i will wait for a real Brand to launch a FAW, and then i’ll return to a FAW.
It was a great pleasure to almost meet you guys @G1NT0N1C @Dr_Andy_Vishnu @doubledad @Eric_Crochemore keep on the good work and see you all in the future, i hope. Meen while i’ll take a look from time to time

An inopportune time to turn away from Fullandroid watches. The Prime 2 masters wireless charging for the first time. I think that this solves the main problem with our watches.

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if it work it will be a problem solved. Thanks for the advise

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I’ve spent a lot of time myself making this possible for our watches. I think, Kospet did a great job and it’s worth a look.


I agree with @G1NT0N1C . Shame you are leaving when all the new exciting stuff is just around the corner .


I’ll give it a try. @G1NT0N1C @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

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ah yeah I remember that! Well, I’m glad you didn’t blow yourself up in the process! Congrats mate

I really never had any issues with the Prime charging. Now my Optimus Pro? Almost unwearable trying to get it to charge.