Anwser calls and make calls

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all well.
Could you help me please? I hahe a Kospet Prime and would like to answer calls, text messages, make calls on the watch whitout using the Sim card on the watch.
How can i do it?
I have a Samsung gear watch and it works by connecting to my phone as you know. So I want to be able to do tgd same on the Kospet?



You can use watchdroid for this. At least if you use an Android phone. You can find this app in the Playstore. One is installed on the phone and the second on the watch.
If you want the caller’s name to appear on the watch, replace the standard phone app with this one here:

However, answering calls with the watch will not work.


You can also use Google Hangouts if you have Wifi present. Or you can use an app like Textnow on Wifi.

Also recently Textnow is offering free SIM cards and free cell phone and messaging use if you are in an area with Sprint cell coverage you can have totally free cellular. I haven’t looked lately but this became available about 6 months ago I think. Unfortunately for me there are no Sprint towers here - closest one is about 90 miles away so it didn’t work out very usable for me unless I travel to that area. It does cost an initial setup fee of $10 which covers them sending the SIM card and giving you a cellular number. If I recall you won’t be able to use a whole lot of mobile data without getting charged but for calls or SMS it should be totally free.