Another way to change watch faces on these devices

I currently just purchased a Lemfo LEMT and have about 100 faces on the thing! I got this to replace my old Lemfo, a LEMX. I am using the Universal Launcher and Watch Droid to control the watch. I use the Universal Launcher because the easy way to put watch faces on the watch. All I have to do is copy and paste them from my PC to a folder on the watch. Switching the face is easy, but with so many faces on it, it is sometimes cumbersome. I have am old Samsung S3 watch, and the software on my phone allows me to change the face. Is there something available to do this for the Lemfo, and other Android watches? Any information would be appreciated!

Are two other ways of getting clockskins on your watch

the best way to copy watchfaces to lemt or any is with WIFI transfer

Thank you everybody, but I am looking for a way of changing the face on the watch using an app on the phone, not actually getting the face on it.

What would be the advantage of this app? I still don’t understand what speaks against installing the watchfaces on the watch.

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If you have a lot of faces on your watch like I do, when I go to change them, I have to scroll through them on the watch. It is bit of a pain. Sometimes the scrolling gets hung up. I have an old Samsung G3 watch that lets you pick the face on a Samsung app on your phone, then tap on it, and the face shows up on the watch. Again, this has nothing to do with installing them on the watch. I just do that through the Windows File Explorer and copy and paste. I am looking for an similar to the Samsung, but one that works on Android watches. :slightly_smiling_face:

I dont think you will ever see a app like the samsung galaxy wearable app you are describing . However i have tried it and it is good . But i also dont have any issue scolling through clockskins

I believe you are probably correct! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

ok, now I understand your problem and there is actually a solution for you. The “clockskin transfer” app is not only suitable for installing watch faces. It also offers the possibility to scroll through the installed faces and then select one of the installed faces. All you have to do: install clockskin transfer on your watch. Open the app and use your smartphone’s browser to navigate to the given address. Then you can see and choose all faces on the phone:

To chose a watchface, tap “activate”.

Although the watchfaces are installed on the watch, it is not necessary to browse the watchfaces on the watch.


I think you are on to something! I just installed that on my watch, and when I go to the link on my phone, I can see the option to activate them, it just does not do anything when I try. This is a good starting point however! Thank you!!

Activation only works with UL.

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I am using the latest version of the UL on my watch.