Another watchface from me.

Another watchface from me.
This time the Pionier havana

All made with Watchface Designer and Photoshop.


All Credits to:


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Great Job, thanks.

Nicely use the shadows.

how to install?

@Mischa_K Click on the download link and extract the zip file. Put the folder that comes out of the zip in your clockskin folder on your watch

@Mischa_K What watch do you have?

have KW 88, did the same what you wrote, then restarted my watch, because nothing has happened, and after that i could not find the watchface from you

Do I need an installer?

@Mischa_K what is your firmware version ?

@Mischa_K Look at the howto video on our YT channel.

Firmware- do you mean 2016-06-01 ? Android security patch. The system writes that i have current version.

@Eric_Crochemore send me please the link

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 under “Wireless upgrade” it says that i have the latest version

Thank you! I will try!

Thanks @Eric_Crochemore :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I did the same in the video, and i dont see the arrow on which i can click for showing more watch faces. Only this plus symbol for usual watch faces which i can add. Also since yesterday I have the problem with sound. I dont hear anything from the watch. I put it to basic settings, 10 minutes the problem was still there…now it works again. Do you know what could it be?

@Mischa_K Go on the forum to discuss your problem, here is not the place. Thanks

@Mischa_K as Eric says - go here

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thank you! I have sent my watch back, because I could not find the solution and I also could not find the forum. I hope to do everything right next time! Thank you for the information