Another radar-watchface. I have selected america for the scenery this time

Another radar-watchface. I have selected america for the scenery this time. A radar-flash is running around the watchface. Enjoy.

All credits to Kim Jong-un and Donald John Trump.


This watchface will not work correct with Zeblaze devices. If someone need the zeblaze version, just tell me.


Another jewel…great thank you for the great work

If Kim Jong Un found out you are using his idea he probably will public execute you so becareful hahahaha

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@Chen_Wen_Zhuo I’m shaking with fear…

Looks fantastic.

LOL… great job :slight_smile: Thanks

Continual improvement is a sign of skill.
Thank you.
P.S. For Zeblaze Thor please…
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Sher_Akiloff hi, i put it on my thor using universal launcher and works great

@Sher_Akiloff Of course my friend, here it comes:

Tested for Zeblaze Thor s. Should also work for Zeblaze Thor.

@Pepe_Cedillo bonjour je ne contrôle pas assez bien le téléchargement pour installer sur ma montre une foi télécharger le lien drive mon tel ne peu pas l ouvrir pourriez vous m’aider svp merci par avance


Ceci est une communauté anglophone.
S’il vous plaît écrire en anglais. Merci

@Thierry_Jourdain en anglais ici s il te plait!!!

+G1N T0N1C interesting how u did the battery indicator need to look at that in WFD and finetune it for my h2 looks really nice Thank you! I am going to learn so much from this one amazing how you did the steps in % didn’t know this is even possible. Green version of this is possible to change in wfd? Grüße missing/deleted image from Google+

@Jurgen_Oberst x-act same problem whith zeblaze devices. That’s the reason i always do two versions, if i use the battery indicator. But I think, you have allready fixed it!? Otherwise my Zeblaze version should almost work for your H2.

I would like to make a green version of this. My picture software is freeware and not really good, not good anouth to change the colors easily. But I’m already looking for better software.

@G1NT0N1C yep I sure can fix it myself no problem there :slight_smile: what software are u using? I use gimp at my noob level but I think some of my faces still looks ok for the fact I didn’t know what gimp even is some month ago :slight_smile:

@Jurgen_Oberst gimp + I Hope I will get Photoshop next week

@G1NT0N1C paint from windows? Hehehe I use the same paint and gimp. Tell me how photoshop does when u tried it! GrĂĽĂźe

@Thierry_Jourdain hello Thierry, i really don’t understand the translation form google jaja, i only talk spanish and english for now and my french is almost Zero… Sorry for that… Please write me in English or Spanish

@Jurgen_Oberst for showing step in %, @G1NT0N1C has been so smart to redisplay steps a second while, and covering last two tailing digits with a % and a gap space, LOL xD … but you know, finding solutions in designing watchfaces, as a matter of facts, it’s like Columbus’ Egg joke ahah :wink:

@Gabriele_Gabolander yes, I like in more in green, too. I’m just doing the green version in this moment, so I have delete your downloadlink. Sorry, but I would like to publish it for my own.
It’s ok for me if you change it for your own use, of couse…

I’m thinking about a .watch- version whith some special funktions.