Another Lem T or an upgraded one?

I see

  • Cam 8MP,
  • battery 2880mAh
  • GPS + Glonass

You guys see other possible differences?

Looks exactly the same save for a slightly bigger battery (2880 mah vs 2700 mah)

200g?! Why do these things weigh so much? No NFC even at that weight.

Face unlock

This is the same smartwatch and it says 8mp but its realy 5mp

Upgraded one but the cameras are the same:

Hi Gents,
Small question : with the TICWRIS firmware, does it alloy animated wallpapers?

Is this not confirmed - unconfirmed in @SmartWatch_Ticks videos ?

Well Andy, during the video it says something like “the clock engine supports animations”.
It doesnt absolutely mean that, using a universal launcher, it will support animated wallpapers, right?

Nearly all of these new watches support animated clockskins without using UL . You just need to know how to do it . Try this

I’m not interrested in animated clockskins : I do use a UL, by choice, and I just would like to put some animated wallpaper behind.
So far it is not supported