ANOTHER IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. It seems that the faces in question which I mentioned in

It seems that the faces in question which I mentioned in the previous announcement have now gone. According to Ken there were around 30. If you have noticed which faces have gone in the last couple of days - please let us know. As is turns out - the guy at has been joining sites all over and basically copying and uploading all the content to his site.
So if you see your face on his site it is because he was here as a member and was copying our stuff for his site.
Many designers have asked him to take them down but he refuses. He is making a decent amount of income from the advertising he has on his site.

Here is a quote from one of the designers:
He goes around to all the G+ communities and individuals profiles and finds face he likes and uploads them as well as the preview pics for them to his site which is to redistribute them as his own.
This alone is pissing everyone off because he is generating revenue off ads on the site, and all our faces on there show no mention that they are ours. He has been contacted many times and asked to remove faces that are ours and refuses to take them down.
I am not sure the ones on your group were all one person or even him. It could have been users just downloading the faces from him and rebuilding for the Android watches and then crediting his site as the creator.

So - we don’t know for sure if he’s still here or gone. We remember back in February a guy that we asked about this and the next day he and all his faces were gone. The guy’s Facebook page is here All the people using his site are completely unaware that the work has been stolen and so they think he’s great.

So if you base your work on a face from his site you can guarantee it’s been stolen from someone else. You may think “what’s the big deal? Once the watches are posted on the internet they are fair game” This is not the case at all. Many protected by copyright.
Anyway - just keep an eye on your work.


@RASC_Moderators please read the discussion here about,

@zsolt_m @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 yes - thanks. I am well aware of who he is and have approached several times to ask him to leave our stuff alone. Myself and KWC have tried various different approaches. Sometimes he takes things down, leading you to believe that you have done something good. Only a couple of days later he posts them again.
He’s a slippery piece of work but soon he will get what’s coming to him…

Thanks @zsolt_m I had to re-post myself in as I wanted to to tag @Killer_Watch_Face_Cr

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Yep, email sent.

Thanks for the post and for becoming part of the solution to fix this. We will always have someone that wants the easy way. As long as we stick togeather and make it harder than making them or asking then they will fail. Thanks again.

@Canadian_Time-Vapers Well, I’m not sure how you you will tackle this ? As I said with my Moderator hat on - myself and others have been chipping away at this guy for a long time - with no success. Happy to hear what you have planned though …

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 it will be difficult amd i dont feel possible to stop them. We can slow them down or create problems for them.