Anomaly Evolution Code 41

Found this unanswered in face-requests by @HeinzEhlmann… More at




I just discovered it now. Thank you very much for the great watchface!

UR welcome!

I have the impression that the clone stamp has reached its limits with the fanned background…

I cannot decipher this obtuse message, it seems like a putdown

hi, I just noticed that the white numbers are not visible on me. What could be the reason?

I cannot explain that

Here are the Pictures.

Try downloading it again here:

If that doesn’t work, it may require using the universal (not stock) launcher

Unfortunately it doesn’t work either.
Then I have to test the stock launcher soon.
thanks for the work.

but I like it even without the white numbers. :innocent:

use the universal launcher

Link is in the support thread in this forum

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