Animation and writing to my Gear Watch help

First, I want to say how much I enjoy using WatchFace Designer. There are two things I would love to do though. 1) I would like to be able to use my creation on my Gear Watch without having to use Gear Watch Designer after I create the watch face on WatchFace Designer, and 2) How do I create an animated fold down or flip clock or animate gears in the background using the native tools in WatchFace Designer.

I think there is an option “export as watchfile” in WFD.

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I did see that. What is the process for saving it to my gear watch?

We don’t support Android Wear here, so it’s not the best place to get help.

@KlamPs, as of now I don’t suppose there’s any easy way to convert a clockskin or .watch face to whatever tizen uses, but if you find out how the faces for tizen works you could try to make a converter program or script yourself.

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