Animated skins not animating

Animated skins on the home page (Round Custom Faces), do not animate as they once did… More “enticing” if they did.

This is a known issue from one watch to another ( old vs new ) . Some of the new watches allow a .BG file as a animated background. These certainly wont work on your Prime SE

I believe you misunderstood my question: Animated skins on the home page (Round Custom Faces) as in this photo:

If you open a post, the images are still animated.


I understand how the site current works, my point is that - in the past - one would see the animation without opening the post which makes it far more “inviting” to explore the post. Without that enticement, a viewer may miss the action and bypass the offering.

I don’t remember this feature, but I know that one old plugin we were using has been replaced by another to be compliant with the current version of the forum. Maybe we have lost this feature in the process.

I’m sure you’re right, Eric, but it IS a loss…

In fact, I don’t miss it…

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But for the casual viewer, he may miss something special and that’s why it’s important