Animated round watch face + one special - lem 12

hi guys,
how are you?

if you can please send me watch faces with animated style - like characters movies - i searched the foroum and found alot of nice but not animated .

also -
please, can someone send me the “mytrix” from facer clockface? i can’t download it and the matrix clockfaces on this site [
aren’t work for me…

thank you

Please try not to use capital letters. This is rude.


done :wink:

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My personal favorite…

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Oh a classic!

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Hmmmmm a home video of Louis, relaxing in his favorite fashion as he wait for inspiration to hit for a new watch face (Or to be killed in the blast, whichever happens first! :crazy_face:) Truly a “Louis special” folks! :joy: Cheers, Doons


This could be me. I am diabetic and when I eat sugar, well the only thing I’m missing is a lighter. And its Easter time. Easter candy. Next week end the Easter candy goes on sale. Look out.

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