Angel bride 24h

ANGEL BRIDE 24H (( Rectangle with rounded corners)

  • made with WatchFaceDesigner v0.14.2 and Clock Skin Maker
    -tested in the DM 60 smart watch and on the Android simulator
    -320x385 resolution

(* foto presentation image- Smartwatch ISEN DM60)

shape and texture -made by me (with DrawPlus)
Angel Bride image- generated by Designer AI (powered by DALL·E 3)

Note: in the clock face you can also see some semicircles, but after matching on the screen they are no longer visible, also the clock face will run normally even with those semicircles. They appear due to incompatibilities WatchFaceDesigner v0.14.2 and clock_skin format. The clock face was created with Watch Face Designer v0.14.2 and modified with Clock Skin Maker. See the topic: here


Link :
Angel Bride version 1:
GIF 10.03.2024 09-34-38

Angel Bride version 2
GIF 10.03.2024 09-52-19


Great work. Thanks


Thank you for sharing. :handshake:

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