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Hi to all, I would like to try to install Android Wear ROM on my No.1D5+ Smartwatch. Or try to convince to act like watch, when connecting to phone android wear app.
I think it could being better user experience as Android wear is already optimized for circular display.

I have tried to install original Huawei Watch Android Wear ROM, but with no success. Also pairing with original ROM with android wear app didn’t worked.

I don’t have any experience with creating custom ROM, but i would like to try to modify some of circular android wear devices ROM.

Thank you very much  for any hints, tips everything.

1- Wear requires source code to do. Neither MTK or Google are going to give that up willingly

2- Wear as an OS is extremely inefficient. Example, the LG LTE uses almost three times the battery to do less than an Android phone with the same CPU/RAM. Basically, the D5 gets better battery life under the same usage conditions, and with a much smaller battery.

3- The Wear UI requires more swiping and taps to perform the same basic tasks like checking notifications. Checking 10 notifications means 10 swipes or more on Wear, on the D5 is 3. Even Tizen is better than Wear in this respect.

4- There is no true standalone functionality in Wear, even the LG LTE requires you be chained to a phone. Wear 2.0 is no different.

5- The only reason with Wear works better on round displays is because of app formatting. That however is only for apps specifically made for Wear, install MailWise, Notes or some other Android app and you have the exact same formatting issues.

6- The only reason there are formatted apps for Wear is because there are thousands of app developers. Android watches has maybe 50 app developers.

7- From a number of standalone apps that will run aspect. No contest, Wear has very few while Android watches will run almost anything.

So instead of porting a broken system, the focus should be on getting app developers to release Android watch formatted apps.

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What you say make sense, but still, isn’t Android Open Source?
We should have access to the Linux kernel and the android source, shouldn’t we?

So instead of porting a broken system, the focus should be on getting app developers to release Android watch formatted apps.

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It’s the best idea!
But the biggest problem is: even the most simple app for having a good experience are not available.

  • Just a good SMS app (all fonts are so small in notifications)
  • A keyboard like TouchOne or sth (Unfortunately google voice typing is not supported in my language)
  • Google assistant not supported (the most useful possible app for such device)
  • The launcher has no Settings to be configured.
  • All fonts are so small for notifications and all ported apps are so small (like stopwatch, calculator, calendar... )
I've searched so much... but the only positive point I've found is beautiful watch faces (your google plus community)

I and all other guys who have such android watches will really appreciate if your team can solve the main problems listed above.