Android Wear Conversion

Ancient Fire Clock Skin

Android Wear Conversion

I present my latest project, an Android wear conversion kit.

For those wanting to reach a wider audience and distribute their lovingly crafted creations to the Android Wear market, now you can via an app that I have released here: ClockSkin to Android Wear Engine

This app, inspirationally called “Clock Skin” engine is an Android Wear watch face and reads standard clock skin XML files and renders them on the android wear platform. The default watch face included is the 1st clock skin I created “Ancient Fire”.

And now for the interesting part!

The app also looks for clock skin packs and adds them to the list of watch faces that you can select.

A clock skin pack is another Android Wear app that simply contains 1 or more clock skin folders.

I will shortly release, for free, to the people of the RASC community, a template that anyone can use to create a clock skin pack, simply by copying across your ClockSkin folders.

You can release your own clock skin pack on to the Android market, for free or charge what you like. People with Android wear watches can enjoy your clock skins by downloading your pack, in conjunction with my clock skin engine. I have released another of my clock skins as a pack here: Borg Clock Skin

and will be releasing all the rest of mine.

Here is a link to the Clock Skin Pack Template:
Steps to create your own pack,

  1. Extract the .zip

  2. Change the package from “” to your own name in the following files

 - AndroidManifest.xml

 - build.gradle

 - activity_display.xml

 - activity_display_error.xml

  1. Change the path structure for from "\app\src\main\java\your\company\android\wearable\clockskintemplate\ to match your package

  2. Change the graphics in app\src\main\res… to your own

  3. Copy your ClockSkin to \app\src\main\assets\ClockSkin\

There is a dummy ClockSkin there called “sample” that you can delete

  1. Load as a project into Android studio.

  2. Build a signed apk release. (you’ll need to setup some keys and stuff. There is Android help on how to do this)

  3. Upload your APK to the play store.

Note: You must not change this line in AndroidManifest.xml


It is this ID that my Clock Skin Engine looks for.

And how do you port your ClockSkin faces over the watch? I have already purchased your app and installed in my LG Sporr Watch. Now I want to bring some of the watch faces that I use in my Lemfo Les 1

Great, thanks,
I have created a template project for Android Studio. I’m still at work, so I’ll put it up when I get home tonight.
If you don’t already have Android Studio you can download it in the meantime.
Do you have a link to your faces, so I check if they work OK. Since the platform is different, there may be some features that don’t work or need altering.

I’ve edited the 1st post to include a link to the clockskinpacktemplate

These instructions are brief and may be tricky if you haven’t had experience with Android Studio.
Please let me know if you have any difficulties, I’ll he happy to elaborate.

I’d also be happy to make the 1st release for you to get you started.