Android watch survey/questionnaire?

I am working on an Android smartwatch survey. It’s gonna be very comprehensive. It’s gonna deal with asthetics, software, peripherals, UI, and it’s also gonna have a section for comments and random thoughts. I’m doing this to figure out what people want and prefer, so companies can tailor to designers and connoisseurs. Small screen vs large, battery life expectancy, Android version, app layouts, band options, connectivity, watchfaces, etc. Although not completely related, it will also have a section relating to Wear OS and it’s comparison to full Android. That section will be completely optional, although recommended. I tried to do this before, but FAW was just starting after switching from G+ and people were still trying to get used to the new space. I think enough time has passed to bring the subject back up. Rhis survey is being built in Google Forms as it doesn’t cap questions and it’s free. It’s also very customizable and can show results dynamically. I really want to try this again, but only if y’all are interested in the idea. Anyways, let me know if y’all would be interested in something like this.


Sounds like a good idea to me Nicholas! :+1: Be interesting to see what a varied cross section of Forum members would like to see in a smart watch. Certainly there will be plenty of different ideas and opinions! Cheers, Doons