Android watch and map using with GPS

I have just seen some videos about the new Lemfo LES1 and got excited.
I am thinking if it is already usefull to use it for my hiking trips. Right now I use an Android phone with an offline map on it. But it is not always that convenient to get the phone out of the backpack to just look where I am and which way to follow. it just takes time. especially if you do it again and again.

on the phone i use the offline map of
they are fantastic in europe. 1-2 GB for the complete Alpes !

and I use Locus app for displaying it ( / or pro version)
I am not sure if this will run on a watch or if there are similar or more lightweight apps around.

So what I am curious are is, if that would run on a android smartwatch and how long the battery would last if I only use it from time to time to see my GPS location on a map. (probably 1-3 times an hour).
I do not have to track my path, and I do not need to navigate. just the location and on the map is enough. (thus the GPS can sleep and display can switch off…but if switched on, the positioning should work out in a reasonable time).

has anybody tried this before?
could be the Lemfo LES1 a nice device for it? or do you recommend also a different one?

Any idea about a lightweight app for using these offline maps with GPS (Locus app is fantastic, but has lots of functions. Oruxmaps is pretty similar)

thanks for any infos,

Hey dear, I had have the Kw88 and lemfo lem5.

Now I have my LES1 last a week and the GPS is much the best.

But I’m searching for the same , small app like you for the same think.

If anybody knows one?

just try out if it work. if so, it is a fantastic app.
if it opens well, just try to download a smaller map on
so you could use the map offline.
not sure about navigation on a watch. but for trying and see if battery live can be enough would be fine.

in the Locus App (link above), you can also change some button positions. I think it is possible in Oruxmaps too. but I am not sure anymore.
for hiking, both of these apps are superb on a smartphone.

it would be nice to have any feedback.