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Hi gang! Pablo11 ask me to drop in a video here from time to time related to Android smartwatches from over on the SmartWatchTicks YouTube channel, which I’m happy to do for you guys. Let’s start with a full loop situation. Here’s a SWT video referring to a FAW hosted promotional video that’s posted on the official video channel for Full Android Watches! It’s a teaser for the Kospet Optimus Pro:

Kospet Optimus Pro Marketing Video Sneak Peek


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Its in the kospet section posted by me :wink:

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Yes @Dr_Andy_Vishnu beats you on this ! But glad to see you around @SmartWatch_Ticks, your videos are very appreciated around here. :wink:


They certainly are . Looking forward to the reviews :+1:

Haha, thanks guys! Looks like a wave of dual processor Android watches are about to be released, so summer 2019 should be a load of fun! Sure wish there were more transflective screens combined with always on bracelet technology. Then we’d have the best of both worlds, an easily viewable, always working, time telling watch that’s easier to see in the direct sun! Kinda sounds like an old Casio concept come round again, but with smarts and color.


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I have Thor 5 here now and see how they are doing it. In Android Smartwatch Mode there is “Always Time” switch in Settings-Display. When screen goes off, display switches to black and white analog display like the earlier Android 7.1.1 watches.

When watch is switched to Bracelet Mode, there are three screens. First one, the time display, goes off after 1 to 2 seconds but comes back on with twist the wrist. Other two screens are always on. However, there is a setting on the Long Standby app page for “Always Time”. If that is turned on BEFORE activating the app to switch to Bracelet Mode, then all three screens stay on all the time, no matter which one is selected.

I expect the Optimus and Optimus Pro will function the same as the Thor 5 for ambient display features, and the next OTA update to the LEM9 most likely will change that watch to operate the same way as well. We should know soon!

The Thor 5 One Minute Review video will be officially up, along with the full unboxing/first look video in a few days. There’s a bit of a que of videos ahead of it that need to go first. I’ve posted the Thor 5 video prerelease link here for you guys to look over now since the editing is complete:

Thor 5 One Minute Review (prerelease video)

One interesting observation about the “Always Time” mode in the Android Smartwatch Mode is that the screen initially flashes bright and then dims way down. Personally, I would like to have it auto adjust and stay bright when the environment is bright (like outdoors), and switch to dim when the ambient environment is dark, (like indoors at night). I doubt there are sensors on these watches for that, but definitely something worth looking into for future watches based on this technology. An interim solution could be to add another toggle in Settings-Display under “Always Time” for “Bright/Dim” to give us a choice. It seems like the default is bright and there’s an overlay action happening to dim the screen afterwards. You’ll see what I mean in this quick video.


You might also notice that the “always on screen in normal mode” flashes very brightly once every few minutes - as it updates.
This is something new and I’ve only noticed it on this dual chip solution.

Thanks, and of course… GREETINGS!!!

The new Microwear H8 review with GPS intergrated into fitness like the Thor4 Dual .

Thanks @SmartWatch_Ticks



@SmartWatch_Ticks This is a great channel! It was through watching their vids that I decided on what type of smart watch to buy (Kospet Hope Lite) and also through their channel I found out about the Full Android Watches site. I’d certainly advise any member to take a look at their Utube channel. It’s worth it just for the reviews they do on a massive range of smart watches alone. Keep up the good work Mr Ticks! Cheers, Doons

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Yes, it’s a great channel.
Very informative and popular with many.
@SmartwatchTicks has been a long time friend of ours and we often work together.
In fact, Mr Ticks and I were part of a small group of people who started all this work when the very first round android SmartWatch came on the market.
Must be 4 years ago now I think…

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