Android 9 on Kospet Prime

I’m wanna install android 9 on my Kospect Prime. This watch can clearly run android 9!!! Prime S with 1gb ram runs Android 9!! Why can’t Prime run it?? Someone please help me to make this possible. Android 9 on Kospect prime🙂

Android 9? This is a really exciting idea !!! :wink:

Can anyone make this possible??

Trust me . This will never happen .


Joking aside: the Android 9 version that runs on the Prime s is pretty limited. It is not desirable to install this on the kospet prime. The Android 7 firmware is perfectly adapted to the watch. It is still highly recommended as a daily driver today. Android 9 definitely wouldn’t be an improvement.


Total waste of time.
The watch face engine on Android 9 is not working too well and the Android 7.1 firmware is working perfectly. Read the threads about the LEM-P or Prime-S.
Why would you want to even bother with A9?
Truth be told - A9 was only ever used because the Unisoc SPRD devices could not work on A7 or A10.
It’s not like it was something anyone wanted to do - there was just no choice for the C16 boards.


I’ve been using thor 4 pro. The icons of Prime look worse that’s why I thought to install android 9. Is there a way by which we can change these icons?

Very simple - unless you know what you are doing (and I mean seriously know) - No

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I won’t bother u anymore but is there a way of installing thor 4 pro launcher on prime?

No. But you might have a look at the universal launcher. It allowes to use icon pacs for the app drawer.

I extracted the system.img and searching for systemui.apk right now. I think I’m closer to what I’m trying to do. Once done I’ll repack the system.img. I think this may go wrong (bootloop)but I have my stock frim ware so no problem to try🙂

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And I did it!! I’ve switched the icons with Thor 4 pro’s icons!!

I extracted the system.img and changed those icons and repacked it. I faced bootloop in 1st attempt but I just remembered that I forgot to sign the apk, I did and it works like a charm!! The watch is lookin way better than I was before😇


Well done :+1:
It was a lot of work but you did it… Congratulations. :ok_hand::ok_hand::tada:

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