Android 7.1 - My App and Media Player Issue

Hello to all and Happy New Year everyone.
I hope there is an Android expert somewhere among us who can offer some advice.
I apologize for the length of this post but can find no other way to explain it effeciently.

I am currently using a Kospet Prime_SE.
I am using an Emergency Alert app installed on the watch. This app notifies you on your device (phone or watch) with an audible ‘Siren’ sound which plays continuously in a loop until you tap “stop”.

The purpose of this paid app is to alert me to any serious situation where my wife or family member may be in serious trouble needing immediate help and support. If they send me a one-word text (e.g. ‘Help’) … that particular word is seen by the Emergency Alert app and thw app immediately launches a built-in Siren sound file in a non-stop loop. (This siren sound loop basically guarantees you won;t miss the message (especially on a watch).

My issue?
The app installed fine on my Prime_SE which is running Android 7.1 (the app checks required permissions and gives you a thumbs up if they are correct)

The app works fine, EXCEPT - when the ‘help’ text message comes in, the watch plays it’s own normal default notification sound and the Emergency Alert siren sound plays only once for 2 secs without any looping. (the siren sound file is hard coded in the Emergency app to play repeatedly until it is stopped by the user)

Can anyone suggest why the stock media player is preventing the hard-coded siren sound to loop as it’s programmed to do?
Is it the stock media player causing this or perhaps a system setting somewhere?
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance to all.

Did you remove the Emergency app from the background cleaner, so that it will be allowed to run in the background ?

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@Dotsfar … thanks for replying.
Yes I believe so, I am still new to this but I have pulled the app slider to the left in the background cleaner which I understand is allowing the app to run in the background.

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Yes, that’s correct. Hmm, that was my 5 cents. Hope someone else will have a hint :ok_hand:

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Thx for the assist … hopefully this will develop with more views. Cheers!

After turn off the clean task battery saver, did you restart your watch?
since last time I tried prime firmware the settings not really took until reboot.

yes thank you. I tried and it’s no different.

then I don’t know the solution.
perhaps next person will give solution for your problem :+1:

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thanks @Maszter93, I hope a solution can be found.

I think there is a problem with the app notifications. Try turning off notifications for this app.
I don’t know about this app, but maybe you can configure notifications within the app.

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thx @gyuri,
I will give it a shot but i think the apps permissions require the notifications set on. Cant hurt to try it.
So, I’ve been going at this for a couple of days now without success. Maybe there’s a way to install a different media player?? (assuming that is the issue at play here)

The media player has nothing to do with system sounds (ringtone, notification, alarm). These are played by the system.
The siren sound is the sound of the application that the application plays.
You will hear a notification sound when a notification arrives. This is not necessary in this case. The notification sound overrides the application siren sound. Therefore, turn it off.

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thanks @gyuri,
do you mean to turn off the system notification sound or the siren sound?

Turning off the siren sound would defeat the purpose of the app because the whole idea is that the Emergency apps siren sound plays in a loop to guarantee it gets your immediate attention in an emergency. (the system siren sound is supposed to be mutually exclusive from a standard text notification sound)
It works as it should on my Android 10 phone. (my watch is 7.1.1)

Sorry, but am am new to this tech so am just trying to get a clear understanding toward the solution.

  1. Enter the SETTINGS on the watch
  2. Find the MORE
  3. Look for NOTIFICATIONS in it
  4. Find the application that is siren in the list
  5. Turn off the notification

If it doesn’t improve though, you can turn it back on.

Ok I can do that for sure, I dont really understand why turning it off will make it notify me with the siren sound file , however, I will bow to you who is wiser than I,

Sorry nope … that didn’t change anything.
Surely there’s a way to resolve this?