Android 5.1 and better UI OS What about these new smartwatches?

Android 5.1 and better UI OS

What about these new smartwatches? They have the “Same(they run into A. 5.1)” OS but with improvements.

I think this OS it’s more useful than ours.

Do you think They’r going to update our watches to this OS?



Some features that I refer to

Finow have mentioned that they may update the X1, X5 if possible. Just have to wait and see…

Thanks! That’s a great news!

Can’t we just port their launcher?

I am looking at options with @Lokifish_Marz ​ and @Ciro_Danise
I don’t think our chipset can take an update to 5.1. I think the watches may get re-released if 5.1 is used and will have a different SOC to be able to sustain it.

Unfortunately the launcher was coded for 5.1. A very different type of framework compared to kitkat 4.4 that we have. Let’s just say that we are going to be doing our best to get the most out of these watches :+1:

oooo What a pity!!! : ( anyway… let’s do what you say… Thanks

I hear that there are 5.1 roms around for our chipset - I have downloaded a couple but haven’t had a chance to do much with them yet. Time is short when you have family :slight_smile:


@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 is it possible to try it? I have a backup of my current rom so I cannot lose anything

Try what? I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it yet. It’s literally a completely bare bone android OS rom with nothing added at all. All the drivers and partition layouts have to made/merged yet.
I’m sorry if I got your hopes up but I really meant what I said earlier. My time is short at the moment but you’ll all know if anything happens when and (a big) if it does.
I couldn’t even say that it’s possible yet. The firmware was made for this chipset but that’s a long long way from being useable on our watches…

Asa ookkk i understood your wrong

What do you mean exactly ??

I wrote it wrong… I wanted to write " I misunderstood you"

@Kike_Corral oh ok. No problem :slight_smile:

Hi Pablo!

How is going? Any news? Cheers!

I appreciate how excited you are but one thing I can’t deal with is ETA requests.
There are so many issues with porting 5.1 to this device that I am actually working with a couple of vendors in the background about it.
You see - it’s not quite like a phone. It’s a very stripped down version of the OS and making it work without official source code from MTK is almost impossible.
Just think of this as a an idea at the moment. Nothing more.
Don’t ask for an ETA because if it does happen - you will all know immediately.
Thanks - and I don’t mean to sound grumpy :slight_smile: