Android 11 Z40 questions

People can talk about stuff and ask questions here that are not really for the general users.

Hi all. I expect delivery of the watch by October 15th. The question arose, did anyone try to get root? I would like to know what application works, so as not to get a brick.

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Hello @Alex_Tr , wellcome to our community! I would be interested to know what you think you need root for?


Having access to the profile of the main administrator (superuser) you get a number of features that are not available in normal operation.

First of all, getting Root makes it possible to remove standard applications imposed by device manufacturers, change themes and shortcuts, as well as launch specialized applications that significantly expand capabilities (usually such applications require Root rights). In addition, it becomes possible to modify system files (Recovery image, Bootloader or images displayed at boot), run Linux executable files, install applications on a memory card or transfer program cache to it. In some cases, after OS modifications, available only after obtaining Root rights, it is even possible to achieve a small, but still increase in battery life performance.

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Ok, I am of course aware of the theoretical application possibilities. The question is: what exactly do YOU want to change? Are you primarily concerned with removing apps?


I will say this before the conversation goes off on one…
Every image is signed
You can’t flash individual images on a Unisoc device.
All signed images are integrated into a .pac file.
Unlike MTK SOCs where you can flash individual boot or recovery images, for example.
Then there is VB meta data and DM verity.
All the stuff that Android progressive development has put in place for security reasons.

Every Android code step has better security to ensure that it is as secure as the competitors.

The ONLY possible outcome is to try and use magisk system less root.
This preserves the integrity of the original super image and provides a workspace for the root apps to operate.

However, I’m pretty sure that trying to flash patched images is not possible with the .pac system used by Unisoc.
The flash tool is only going to see the one pac file and not any individual images.

If you want to find out more about this, I suggest looking at the Hovatek forum. If anyone has found a way to deal with rooting A11 Unisoc devices - it would be them.
We won’t be discussing root for Android 11 any further here.
In our experience it leads to very heated and confusing debate and does not end well.


I’m not going to start discussions about root. Simply, let me remind you that I previously wrote in a previous post that I would receive a watch in the future and how to answer unambiguously I will not be able to until I see the watch and software. I will definitely know how to use the solutions that are on this watch from the manufacturer. But I can unequivocally define the first function, this is a recording of a telephone conversation, in my country this is not prohibited if the recording concerns my personality, and not someone else’s. That is, I cannot make audio recordings, video recordings of other persons without their consent, if I am not in them. There is such a nuance, for example, how I use a Samsung phone, they restrict access to this function, of course it’s easier for me to root it on the phone, or change the region with the firmware, which will not provoke changes in the integrity violation ticket, but I plan to move away from the smartphone to the clock, since in the future I need a phone no more than because of the screen size, but screen broadcasting to other devices is solved on the watch, especially when full android. Or you can simply blow up the Internet from your watch to other devices, a tablet or laptop.