Android 11 LEM16 APPLLP 4 Pro root discussion

I’m opening this topic for people who are hell bent about root access for the LEM16 or APPLLP 4 Pro.


Two questions!

  1. Has anyone got a firmware dump (particularly boot.img) for this device?
  2. Has anyone managed to successfully flash magisk on this device?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


  1. yes we do.
  2. not that we know of.

What do you need Magisk systemless SU for? I’m curious…

Good question - mainly just like to have all of my devices rooted out of habit more than anything else!

Could I possibly get a copy of the dumped firmware?

Also - is the modded firmware people use here (can’t remember the name) available or planned to be available for this device?


Unfortunately, we don’t have any “dumped” firmware.
We work with the solution provider so we have the stock factory firmware that is sent to them by the solution provider.

At the moment, there is no plan to modify the source.
The people we work with are considering the idea (like we did with the A10 FAW international firmware).
This unisoc A11 solution is very different to the MTK A10 system.
So, we are not sure about it yet.

Just FYI though, installing magisk needs the preloader to be unlocked and is quite a tricky process.
Even after all that, you cannot modify the super image.
Anything you achieve is temporary.
After a factory reset, any changes are lost.

As you know all about root I guess you already know this?
After Android 8, this is the way it is.

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Is that essentially this process?

Would you be able to share the firmware?

Yep i know about the system as root model. :slight_smile:

no, there’s no need to do it that complicated. the (old) regular fastboot oem unlock works just fine.
I’m also looking to root it sometime, but I haven’t yet found the time to do anything more than unlock the bootloader. oh, btw the unlocking process took quite a while, so there’s no need to be impatient when you do it.

do you also know that the watch has A/B partitions

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Awesome - BL unlocked. Guess all I need now is a boot.img so I can patch it.

@pablo11 Can you share the firmware you have for this device? :slight_smile:

Managed to root my watch using the firmware ZIP in the main thread for the watch. It was a fairly massive pain to achieve but the instructions from this point would be quite simple.

@pablo11 I notice you mentioned you’re not supporting rooting here anymore elsewhere. Would it be welcome if I provided instructions for those who wish to (at their own risk) or would you prefer I keep that off the forum? I will respect your opinion on this.

Well, we don’t discuss it here any more because the effort involved and the fairly minimal benefit from rooting just does not really add up.
The most obvious problem is that due to the complexity of the process and little understanding about “systemless” root usually leads to a bricked device.
When this happens it is very usual that the person with the “brick” ends up angry and resentful.

However, this thread would be aimed at more experienced people like yourself and @noidremained and a few others who can do this without destroying the device.

Being honest here as well - at my age, the “challenge” of obtaining root access is no longer a thing - personally speaking

For example, I can very easily root the devices, but the benefits are just not worth it for me personally.
Also, Android has progressed to such an extent that the old “I need root access because the OS is shite” just does not really apply any more.

So, I’ll ask the team what they think about this idea of publishing the process here.
We might raise the membership level required to access it…
Just to protect new members from making a very easy mistake…
Not sure about that yet because the challenge with that is - you have only been a member for a few days :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What do you guys think about this?


I think its a bad idea as curious inexperienced users will ignore the advice ( as they usually do ) and end up bricking there watches


As painful as it is for me to agree with @Dr_Andy_Vishnu (Well I don’t mind agreeing…But I don’t like saying he is right! :crazy_face:) I think he has nailed it here @pablo11 Like they say “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”! But if you did want to post information on the process, then yes, I agree with you…make it strictly limited to only those people of a level high enough to understand what they are doing! (That leaves yours truly out of course! :woozy_face:) and perhaps put a caveat on the post along the lines of “Rooting your watch came cause health problems for both the watch & you”! :woozy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons


Good morning Pablo, I know I’m not an advanced user, but I would like to share my opinion with you.
I understand very well that there are many users who make mistakes and then bother them to be able to solve these errors, such as installing a new Firmware. But personally I try first to take charge of my actions and be able to solve my issues, problems and challenges with the information that you provide, which is greatly appreciated.
I just joined this group because of the people who make it up, people willing to help, who provide information, tools, knowledge, positive experiences, as well as frustrations.
Personally, I would love to one day be able to root my Smartwatch, not simply with some program that is out there, (I have already achieved it in the Lemfo Lem X, and in some Smartphone), but I would like to be able to learn and have the knowledge of how the complete process of rooting a device is, I understand that many things are needed, and that it could render my device useless, but even so, I am willing to take that risk, a risk that many of us have already assumed at some point.
I understand that the benefits of having a rooted device today are not many, but there are. On the other hand, just the fact of incorporating more information, and expanding my knowledge is an achievement, regardless of whether or not I try to root my Smartwatch later.
Now I side with you, of course you should restrict access to the Firmware and the tutorial, only to advanced users, or to those you consider suitable, and that most likely I do not qualify. But that is NOT why it seems fair to me that more advanced users are left without the possibility of being able to root their Smartwatch, due to the fact that there are less advanced users, like me. What I ask of you, please, is that you do not stop fostering that desire, which we have many, which is to continue learning. Greetings everyone, sorry for my English, actually I am using a translator. Promote knowledge, and that each one understands that they must take charge of their decision.


Yep, I can respect that opinion.
Thanks @Miguel_Rodriguez1

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Do you need root for full kali Linux? It said something about no systemd only reason I care about rooting this device I don’t care about changing the os I just want full access but I don’t understand how to root the lokmat appllp 4 pro

You’d be better off asking on the XDA forum.
Root is not something we need to discuss here really, so we leave that kind of thing to XDA.