Android 10 Watches and How to Keep Accessibility Settings Active

Hi friends:
I just received my Lemfo 12 Pro watch and need to use accessibility settings on the watch, because I am visually impaired. I was successfully able to activate the accessibility features using Quick Shortcut Maker (an app used to interact with settings that don’t show up in the user interface). However, these settings become completely deactivated when I either lock the screen or reboot the device. I tried giving the accessibility apps I use (Google’s Accessibility Suite) unrestricted access in the app settings, but this still has not resolved the issue.

What could be causing this issue? And is there a work-around that anyone could suggest?

I would be most grateful for any assistance from any user on this forum, as this device is currently unusable for me. Because I am totally blind, I cannot use the watch unless the screen-reading voice feature is active on the watch. To be sure, I was able to use the accessibility features successfully on my Kospet Hope.

Thank you in advance for all your wisdom and help.



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The extra app you need to have running in the background, did you go to
App drawer->Optimization app->enter list of apps
And there switch off the background cleaner for your needed app ?

Or if you have experience that you have enough power, simply switch off the Optimization completely…


Thank you. This resolved it.

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