Android 10 on Lemfo LEM X?

Im wondering is there any way to port android 10 from other devices like Kospet optimus 2 into our beloved LEM X ? Its been a long time stocking on android 7.1.1

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Not that we know of.
Maybe have a look on XDA.

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Good morning, on XDA, they published a supposed rom with Android 10, has someone brave tried it? Cheers

Hi Miguel
I just found a android 10 ROM for Lemfo LEM X but this rom as the owner says doesn’t have Gapps and no twrp, I’m not tested yet but going to. wish me luck :grin:

you can download it from this link :

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Aramis good day, you are very brave. I wish you luck!!!. Please let us know how it went later.

Just don’t expect your imei or Wi-Fi and BT mac address to be ok after trying this.
Fair warning :+1:


So what should we do ? is there any stable way to update ?

Definitely not.

well, that’s no problem, you’ll find twrp for it here on the forum and gapps you can download from opengapps and install through twrp

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Surely people who are going to go as far as to flash a custom rom would know this ---- right?
Next thing will be “what happened to my IMEI number?” :rofl:


After flashing on Ticwis Max, the camera also doesn’t work, but the sensor and auto-rotate work. I also managed to fix the black screen problem