Android 10, FAWs, hearing aids, CIs & app questions

Hi, I am very interested in getting one of these Android 10 watches. I have a few questions to ensure they are right for me.

I have a Resound hearing aid on my left side and a Cochlear implant with a Nucleus 7 sound processor. On my iPhone and my OnePlus phone I can pair them. On the OnePlus running Android 10 I do this under Settings, System, Accessibility, Hearing Aids.

This is different from pairing a bluetooth headset under the bluetooth settings. Only a few hearing aids, and only two CI sound processors (that I’m aware of) can pair in this way. It allows sound to stream to the hearing devices without the need for an intermediate bluetooth device that pairs as a headset.

Other than that there are a few apps I’d like to ensure are available. One is PagerDuty, since I am in an on-call rotation for work. The others are Discord, Slack, Zoom, and Fastmail.

Lastly, I work in the tech field, like many of you I am sure. I don’t need root access to the phone, but I really want terminal access with my user account. It might sound weird because why would you use a command line on your watch, but I would be writing command line scripts (mostly shell and awk with curl and jq) and programs on a computer and transferring them to the watch to run.

Thanks in advance to any and all who can provide some insight. I have been looking at the kospet optimus 2, lokmat applmp 4, and thor 6 (although I think the thor is missing google cal?). All of these are around $180 right now. If I could jump in for a bit less I’d go ahead with it and update here with my findings.

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I see from forum searches that Slack and Discord are installable. From what I gather most Play Store apps are installable but might be unusable due to the UI.

I would personally rule out the Thor 6 because the new firmware for A10 being developed by people here won’t be available for it AFAIK. The other two you mentioned are good choices. Sorry I can’t answer your other questions.

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If it’s any use to you, I too have Resound hearing aids but haven’t been able to make Smart 3D work with them from my watch. I can’t at this juncture remember whether it was a bluetooth pairing issue or an issue with Smart 3D connecting to the aids - end result, I uninstalled the software from my watch, therefore it doesn’t work. I have a LEM 14 running A10 but with the new FAW software … not that I think that makes a difference. (In fact, just checking, I can’t find Accessibility as an option in the FAW, so I couldn’t try the option you suggested.)

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Thanks so much for this info. I had watched some youtube videos and also did not see accessibility but wasn’t sure. The Resound app you mentioned won’t work until after the hearing aids are paired in the manner I described.

So I wonder now if this capability has been striped out for a legitimate reason or if there’s some way to get that menu entry back.

Accessibility is hidden.
Just type in settings…At least it is on the International firmware.

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That’s good! Is the Hearing Aid specific setting there as well?

Until the app is installed I think it is not active - but it has support for hearing as you can see.

Thanks all. I’ve ordered a LOKMAT APPLLP 4 from for $184.99, tax, shipping, and all. That’s sufficient for an experiment for me. I’ll update with my findings.

@pablo11 just a note - no app is required for this functionality as it is baked in to Android 10. The apps offer additional features, like being able to turn on the Nuleus 7’s “Forward Focus” feature. Without the apps, streaming still works along with volume control and program switching. The accessibility pairing in Settings enables the apps rather than the other way around.

Cheers, all.

Allegedly … I got into the Accessibility settings but Hearing Aids still wasn’t available/visible. I managed to pair the aids through Bluetooth but then the Resound Smart 3D app wouldn’t connect. Then Bluetooth connection stopped and I couldn’t do anything for a while. Eventually I connected the aids to the app but the app froze and wasn’t properly visible on the watchface, in either square or round orientation. The app is a piece of s**t anyway and will only work on certain phones (I had to buy a new phone to get it to work!) so I’m not surprised it wouldn’t work with a watch. I uninstalled it and went back to using the app on my phone - easier all round.

Hmm, that’s disappointing! I agree the Resound app is awful. The Cochlear app can be put on an iPhone and Apple Watch so that I can change things from the watch. It is MUCH better. Its aim is to be a remote control replacement.

Despite this I am not going to cancel my order. I think there are enough variables and potential here to merit some more investigation.

If anyone else could try to find the Hearing Aids entry in settings and post the watch, firmware, and :+1:/:-1: that would be really helpful!

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I found this thread and it looks like HA support was optional for devices:


were can i find the last FAW software, because the original one sucks.


It is not available at the moment. It will be published, when it’s ready.