An appeal to all Kospet Prime owners

I would like to purchase the Prime SE, but it seems too bulky (11/16") nearly 3/4"… I’m afraid it would feel like an anchor on my wrist (even though I’m 6’4", 200 pounds).

Anyone feel the same way or otherwise?

I am 6’2.5" but a bit bulkier than you. I have Kospet Prime and it does not feel like an anchor.
In fact, everyone says it suits my personality.


Thanks for your input!

I have the prime and I’m way smaller than you. It’s large but I like big watches suppose its about preference. You won’t go wrong with the prime the best full android watch I’ve ever had👍

THANK YOU… I’m being convinced!

I love my Hope! I just purchased a PRIME GearBest $131 3gm/32gb version

Okay Edward, I bit the bullet for the prime SE, I don’t think I need the three gigs of RAM or 32 gigs of space.

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Well you got the best deal out there! :smiley:

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