Ambient / Always on Display on Kospet Prime


I am new here and had a few question.

  1. Will there be an always on display coming to Kospet Prime like how it is on the Thor 5 Pro.
  2. If there is a possibility to activate this feature anyway?

Any info on this would be helpful. This is my first smartwatch and I really like it.

Thanks in advance for any help wit the answers.

Brat (India)

This answer is no due to the type of screen . Thankyou


Hey Tim, what do you think of the LCD screen versus AMOLED?

I’ll be honest mate i am very happy with it and also screen on Lem10 . You can hardly tell the difference in my opinion . Loving the Prime at the moment :+1:

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Excellent. The Prime will be next for me then!:grinning:

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Its really that good . And again like Lem10 amazing for running . Gps fast and accurate :+1:

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Just the difference is when we are using them in dark…
Amoled screens looks so beautiful.

You can find some good apps but they will drain a lot of battery .

Yeah but…
Pro versus Prime screen size…

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Both lcd and same mtk chipset so why not! But it might drain battery fast. Lcd has backight!!! Optimal would be tranflective lcd.


Thanks Tim. Much appreciated…I only wish there was… :slight_smile:

I guess time to buy myself one of those Thor 5 Pro. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Always on works on both AMOLED (f.e. Kospet Hope) and LCD (f.e. Omate Rise: has LCD and always on screen!) AMOLEDs should be less powerconsuming (black areas don’t use energy on AMOLED), but the strange thing is: My Omate Rise (LCD, 570mAh) has much longer battery life in always on mode than my Kospet Prime (AMOLED, 600mAh)!

Unfortnately, the Omate Rise has a lot of drawbacks, like: you can’t ‘square’ the display, so most apps are useless on this watch phone.

The kospet prime doesnt have a Amoled screen and has a much bigger battery than 600mah . As for the prime screen advice i gave it is just a precaution . Thanks