Amazfit Pace alternative?

I’m an Amazfit user for near than 3 years, my watch is still ok but I’d like to change a bit, with a new and more advanced watch.
But when I look at the other watches I struggle to find an alternative, at least for my need.
In fact I’ll use the watch without sim card inside, I’ll listen to mp3 files during a running session, and I need to sync the session detail (map, pace, HR…) with Endomondo (I use sync my track apk).
Could you please help me ? Thanks.

What I absolutely need :

  • an internal memory to load podcasts for running sessions.
  • a pretty accurate GPS (the Amazfit Pace’s one is quite ok)
  • a good battery life (with the Pace I had about 6 days !)
  • a good display for workout, here you can see in the bottom right the Pace’s display during a running session : 7 informations display !
  • a workout sync with an app like Strava, Endomondo, Runkeeper… (With the Pace it’s easy from the phone to sync the workout with Strava)
  • a sport app with a working HR rate display.
  • A price lower that 150$

What I’d like to have :

  • The ability to transfer mp3 files from my phone to the watch using bluetooth (like I can do with the Amazfit app)
  • an Always ON Display (like the Pace with the reflective screen)

I watched many videos about Kospet, Zeblaze or LemFo watches, and I’m affraid none can do all these things, for example when I look at the Myrunningapp apk (it seems to be the only one with Heart rate sensor recording during workout), the display is far less readable than the Pace :

Thanks for reading !

I use my kospet prime for running . Bluetooth music , screen always on due to " my running app " and yes this is the only app that integrates the prime heart rate moniter . And as a bonus tons of battery life . You wont get any better :+1:

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Thanks for your return.
Do you use this display of the app ? Is it possible to custom informations displayed ?

I’ve also read that Voice coach of Myrunningapp creates a bug with the mp3 player.

Finally as I won’t use the watch with a Sim card, I won’t use wifi but just Bluetooth connexion to get phone’s notifications : do you have an idea of the battery life in these conditions ?

Hi . I use this face on and off , if you want it customizing you could ask the creator . @R_Sauvalle . I set my playlist on random ( stock player ) then run with app so havent tried built in player . If you purchase a prime you certainly dont need to worry about battery level . Even more so without sim and wifi . Using a sim and gps will obviously make your gps connection more accurate and stable with app but does work without .


No, I won’t be customizing my faces. Editing them isn’t too hard, and it encourages people to develop their face making knowledge

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Look at the Kronos Blade Genisis. Not sure if this completely suits your needs. It’s currently available as pre-order @ 150