Am I doing this right?

I want to update my unrooted optimus pro with an a magisk module that @iscle created to update ambient time every 60 instead of 180 seconds. I’ve never done anything like this before and the information for it is very disjointed so I’m making a plan. I’d really appreciate if someone could take a look to make sure I’m doing this right

  1. Install root checker (done - not currently rooted)

2.Install adb on pc. Where is the best place to download this? Download site I’ve looked at seem like they could be malicious

3 download Magisk zips to PC

4 Install TWRP as describer here

  1. Turn off watch, attach to PC and boot to TWRP

6 Copy Magisk zip to watch somewhere

7 Activate magisk using TWRP somehow

8 Reboot watch to android

9 run root check to see it is rooted

10 I can then use magisk manager to install the ambient clock apk?

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You could download adb from here
Copy the magisk zip to your watch before installing twrp, then you only have to flash it
I don’t know if iscle made a magisk module or just an APK file, but either way you can use magisk to proceed
Let me know if you need help :slight_smile:

Oh and if you have the latest Optimus pro firmware (v3.0) then replace the boot.img in the with the latest one from the official firmware
Have you downloaded the latest firmware, or should I send it?

Thanks for the link, I’ve downloaded the latest firmware from kospet site.

Then you should replace the boot.img in the patcher with the one in the firmware folder you downloaded… The patcher bricked my watch when I first flashed it (I think the boot.img is for v2.7 in the patcher)

Thanks. that’s very good to know

HI, after succesfully installed TWRP , I do “adb reboot recovery”.
Watch reboot but stuck and says: “no command”.
What am I doing wrong?

there’s several possibilities for what you are doing wrong:

  1. you followed the instructions and it booted into twrp once, but you can’t get into twrp by using the adb-command: the problem is that twrp is overwritten by the stock recovery unless you install magisk or use a “self”-patched boot image. you can install magisk directly after

  2. you didn’t follow the instructions and flashed twrp only to the recovery partition: you have to flash the boot partition as well, either with twrp as the instructions say or with a patched boot image(it can be patched by magisk or by someone who knows what they’re doing)

  3. something else…

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Thanks for reply!

Probably I was wrong in point 1, I did the following:

  • install TWRP
  • green tick appears on the screen
  • unplug your watch and power it on
  • TWRP opens automatically and install “” (“boot.img” copied from the original firmware folder, no patched)

At this point, however, I hadn’t downloaded magisk yet (I was still trying to figure out how :sweat_smile:) and I restarted watch.

The solution to my mistake perhaps lies here:

EDIT: it works!! many thanks Noid!!

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