Am I asking too much?

Am I asking too much? Originally I was looking to implement Google Voice on my test I2 for hands-free messaging. When I couldn’t come across a native GV app that properly scaled, I then started looking into Microsoft Yammer. Unfortunately the same outcome.

Unless I hand-code my own Android app using Xamarin that’s scaled for a 320px round display I’m not sure how I can pull this off. I honestly love the I2 otherwise. But even the Chrome app that’s bundled with the latest OTA update isn’t properly scaled for a 320px round display.

So I take it that the I2 cannot implement Android Wear due to it not being compliant from a hardware vendor perspective, correct? Just trying to think of any other angles short of my manually creating a custom app for existing chat clients. It’s sort of like reinventing the wheel since the primary lacking feature is just the display scaling…

Hi GK… if you created a working App it would really help other members… and I would hope that they would make a donation for your hard work… :slight_smile:

Have you tried the long press power button menu? There is an option there to make the app square in the round screen…

I wasn’t aware of the long press power button menu. Will give that a shot and see if that helps. Thanks for the tip!

That did the trick! Switching over to the square display now reveals the previously-missing app elements. Now all I need to do is get Yammer to push new message notifications to the watch display, as it does on my iPhone. Appreciate the advice, since this was a simple, but overlooked option on my part :slight_smile: