Always on Display Zeblaze Thor pro

I tried to evaluate my Zeblaze Thor Pro 3g when put the Always on display toggle turned on (thanks to @Eric_Crochemore who had made this option available on universal launcher), I also set the brightness to the lowest level, bluetooth connected with wiiwatch.

For a Zeblaze thor pro which has a transreflective screen, using the lowest brightness display setting, is not a big problem wether for indoor or outdoor use, even under direct bright sunlight.

The result was, my watch battery went down from 79% to 30% in 6 hours. What interesting is, my screen on time could reach 7h 56% of all battery consumption. While put the Always on display toggle off, my screen on time, could only get 55 minutes on 24h use, and the rest of time taken by watch idle and some very small amount taken by universal launcher.

So, did the “always on display” toggle made the screen less using battery? Will put this toggle on and manually turn the screen off after every use could prolonged the battery life?

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As far as I know the always on function of UL reduces the screen refresh rate (I think to 1 per second instead of 60). That may be part of the reason why it achieves such low battery usage.

I didn’t realise that the Thor Pro had a transflective display until I saw your post. Does the watch not have an always on function built in that takes advantage of the low power display?

I previously had the Amazfit Pace which runs a custom version of Android 5 on hardware similar to many older Wear devices, just with a transflective display and it gets 3-4 days of screen on time.

I would love to get a full Android watch that could do something similar.

The watch does have the option to always on display within the developer options settings, but i don’t think it will reduce the refresh rate just like the one that @Eric_Crochemore has provide us with.

The transreflective screen is one of the reasons why i did buy it besides the bluetooth calling feature

Does the watches built in always on feature use whatever custom watch face is selected, or does it just show a simple analog face like other devices?

Oo sorry, i haven’t tried the one that built in inside developer option

The watch built-in always on will show a built-in face, no choice…


I imagine you should be able to use an app like “display brightness” to turn the backlight off entirely. Since it’s a transflective display it should still be visible with ambient light.

I would be interested to see what kind of battery life you get with the screen on and the light off.

I’ve tried the app that you’ve mentioned. The lowest brightness (1%) is the same with the watch lowest brightness. Don’t know how to set it to 0%. It can go to below 0% of brightness though

There is a setting in display brightness for the minimum brightness. I think by default its set to 1%, you want to set it to 0%.

I’ve tried to lower the brightness to -100 with his app, but it seem, this app use a dark filter instead of shutting off the backlight, because when I put it in a dark room, the screen still glowing a backlight although the screen showed nothing but a black display.

@Eric_Crochemore, the watch native brightness slider at the lowest level still have a backlight. I s there a chance in the next universal launcher there’ll be a shutting off backlight button?

Did you try setting it to exactly 0% brightness?

I suspect it only uses the screen filter once you go below zero.

Yes, i’ve tried to set it to 0% successfully once, but the glow still appear

I can only set the brightness to 0, but I can’t shut off.


is it possible that you will always on fuction be updated on eg every minute or every 3 minutes? (as in 7.1.1 factory)

I mean i will have this update later?

The goal of a watch is to give the time, so I will not update at more than one minute, it would have no meaning, also it will not change much on battery usage…

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yeah, you’ll need root access to shut the screen off. the thor pro 3g’s transflective screen should’ve had this always on display as default. that’s the only thing I really miss on this watch

Thx Eric
I started doing a test. I’ll push it up a notch

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I’ve seen some app that will shut off the backlight, but they require root access.
Seems impossible to shut the backlight off without root access.

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