Alternativ Launcher for Android 4.4 Watches! Hello,

Alternativ Launcher for Android 4.4 Watches!

Hello, after i seen the new launcher of the Finow X5+ i search a way to have a similar launcher on my Finow X5.
Here it is. I use Lightning Launcher to have only one Icon on the screen.
For every one who is interested i post my Backup from the launcher, you can restore ist in your Lightning Launcher.

Have a look on the video.

If anyone is interested to create your own icons as your needs, i upload the template. Its based on the DINIK Anastasia design from WindowsMobile times

greetings, Electribe

I like it. Can you still change watchface as easy as before? I mean: having a bunch of watchfaces in the ClockSkin folder and long press on your current watchface to choose from all of them?

I like it too. How can i install it?

@Ronald_Jansen Yes it’s possible to change the skins same as before. I use the launcher as additional launcher. For watch face I still use the stock launcher.
I use gmd gesture (root required) to start the lightning launcher.

@Juan_Carlos_Saborio you must install the lightning launcher apk from play store and than use my backup. Put it in the directory of lightning launcher which he create after install. Than go to settings in lightning launcher and restore the backup.
A little hint, I set the icon place on my phone where I also installed lightning launcher. There it is much easier to set the chronology of the icons as your needs.

@Electribe_Cloud Thanks. There are several versions of lightning launcher. Wich one can i use, the pay versión?

@Juan_Carlos_Saborio yes i use the pay version from “PierroX”

Ohhh good idea !!

@Electribe_Cloud I can´t find the directory. Could you tell me where is it, please?

I installed the laucher.

And all in one gesture no root

@Juan_Carlos_Saborio go to the file manager in the watch, then to the folder “lightning launcher” and there you place the backup. The restore it when you open the launcher in settings from him.

@Electribe_Cloud I did it. First of all i did a backup to create the directory. I have another question. How can i use my clockskin? If i put the launcher like default i lost this.

@Electribe_Cloud Don’t worry about my last comment. I can did it. Thanks.

Eres español?

+mario curi Porque, se nota en mi inglés? Jiji. Soy de Costa Rica.

Por el nombre… Mi ingles tampoco es el mejor… Que reloj tienes?

@Juan_Carlos_Saborio como te mando privados por aqui??

@mario_curi Un Finow Q3. Sobre los mensajes privados no sé como se hace.