All these Android watches from China have a major issue with Power Button Assembly

All these Android watches from China have a major issue with Power Button Assembly. The Power Button does not feel promising and reliable. Pushing the button seems stuck. Hard to press.

I have D5 and X5. Not happy with power button. In my D5 if i fix all 4 screws then watch stucks at boot loop. When i remove two screws then it boots…

i have a d5 and no problem with the power button

Bad luck 4 me

I have the K18 and no problem for me

I agree 100% with the OP.
I have a Kospet Hope whose power button failed.
And now my Zeblaze Thor 4 Pro power button doesn’t work at all anymore either.

We can wake the watch with gestures, but does anyone know a specific app which emulates the entire menu like circle/square, power options/recent tasks? I have tried a couple and no success yet.

does anyone know a specific app which emulates the entire menu like circle/square, power options/recent tasks?

You guys, I found it - install Simple Control from the Play Store. This is the best one I found. You can have all the hardware buttons shown on the screen. Then just set the long-press option to activate the power menu, and this will even include the square/round switcher and all other options.

So to reiterate, if your power button is bad:

  • plug in the device and it will activate the screen
  • turn on gestures to wake the watch
  • install and run Simple Control and set the long-press option on any of the buttons for power menu
  • now if you move your hand, and then run Simple Control, you have access to the power button emulation again
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To say " all " watches have this problem is not true . Some do , most dont . A few people have reported it in the kospet hope recently but not all . There are various apps on the playstore you can use to help if the button fails . " assistive touch " .


How coincidental is this… we are both in Atlanta, based on your handle. And, I too am noticing the power button to be suspect of failure. I did learn however, that by double pressing the back button, I can wake my watch. Obviously this is good until that button fails.

Thanks for the recommendation of Simple Control.

Correct, I noticed too about the double back press, but the only thing I found to reliably get the watch into the reboot/square app mode is Simple Control.

To say " all " watches have this problem is not true . Some do , most dont .

Tim, I’d say the Zeblaze and the Kospet Hope (and probably Brave) and a few others have a very similar style with the power button / camera / back button assembly and I honestly think it’s only a matter of time before failure if you sweat at all.
I don’t expose these watches to liquid at all for any other reason. But what I’ve noticed is if I go on a long run, the sweat on my skin condenses into the Kospet and Zeblaze and affects the power button assembly drastically. Theoretically shouldn’t happen from an “IP67” watch, especially not when I dry the exterior of sweat after each run, but when I couldn’t activate the power button and opened both watches, I saw moisture on the interior which would have no other discernible cause. (Bought the Kospet brand new with no other moisture exposure.)

Wish it weren’t true, but for these particular watch styles, I don’t trust them with any moisture whatsoever. There may be other reasons too such as frequency of use (wore both for < 2 weeks before failure).

What’s your watch style? I’m wondering if the Kospet Optimus or Zeblaze 5, which have a different button style, would be more reliable…or a different button location altogether…?

Hi . I have been running with Kospet hope for months with no issues , apart from slow lock gps noted problem . Approx 14 miles per week . No idea if sweat inside as had no reason to look . Thanks

I have the zeblaze thor 4 and im reflashing the firmware right this second to see if something happened that my power button doesnt always work. It seems to be fairly laggy so I presume I just had way to much stuff on the watch so hopefully with a reflash of firmware it will be to normal. Im getting the thor 5 nxt week though so I dont mind if it doesnt fix lol.

Im owning a kospet hope which i ditched after 2 months i would have been happy if the power button was the only issue .

what about gps takes ages to get a lock (even after using gps reset and tool box frequently no proper fitness app .utterly useless UI and abysmal loudspeaker without headset cant get calls or even listen to music etc i dont want to elaborate anymore its a waste of time talking and complaining about it i bought a proper smartwatch no Chinese crap anymore

@Glitterfart This is a warning. You have wrote about 50 post and comments. They all are dissing Kospet. Every one knows now, nothing new at all… No need to write the same things over and over again.
There are a lot of people (me, too) which are quite happy with this brand. Is the Kospet Hope a perfect watch? No, it isn’t. But it’s one of the best full android watches. If you stop grumbling- hey, you are welcome, be a useful member of this community. Otherwise- please buy a samsung galaxy watch and look for an android wear community.


im telling nothing but the truth if others like the watch im fine with it im not .i should have asked a partial refund my watch came with issues the first day . many others do have problems too If you dont like honest reviews ban me here period
no hard feelings maybe i better make a video and proof my point maybe Kospet will wake up

if you feel like to ban me pls proceed no hard feelings

thanks a lot and keep up the good work

Just stop posting over and over the same complain that’s all we’re asking.