Airplane mode still puts off EMF :(

Hey guys, a couple days ago I decided to test this watch against my Trifield TF2 EMF reader to see how much RF this watch might emit. To be honest I was little shocked… not particularly by the Wifi, but by the Airplane mode.

There is no Airplane mode on this watch. There are unknown radio(s) that are still very much active while the mode is enabled. There was no real difference in frequency between having it on or off… it just wants to blast you every 1/2 second, and in my opinion it’s definitely not safe to wear 24/7. I usually keep my watches in Airplane mode, and so I was extremely disappointed by this discovery because I love this watch so much. I think it is just so cool.

I think my question is, how can a person get this watch safe to wear? Is there any way to force Airplane mode to behave like Airplane mode should?? I downloaded some diagnostic-type apps like DevCheck and SystemPanel2 to try and glean some information on these radios while in Airplane, and I’m probably not using the right apps, because I couldn’t really find anything on them, or at least not while unrooted, and I’m a little nervous about rooting it.

I checked the Airplane mode on my Samsung Galaxy Active2 just to make sure my expectations of Airplane mode were within reason, and sure enough I detected no EMF from it.

I think having root access is not necessary. maybe the new International Firmware FAW v1.3 can have this resolved because as it is a clean rom . at least without the big brother chinese. if I am not wrong

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