Air into the screen?

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My lem X just fell down que it received a hit from a side. Now the screen has like a bubble under de glass. Toucchscreen works fine and glass is not broken but It seems yo have air under the glass. It is any possibility to replace the screen by Lemfo or by myself? Do you think It is worth?

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Looks more like a crack and delamination to me. I have a Lem 7 that has a similar spot and a crack running the full length of the screen. The watch works fine.
From what I have read here over the years you can’t replace the screen because of its complexity in installation. I would think it would be cheaper to just buy a new watch rather than try and get it replaced. Second thought just use it like I do. Most people won’t notice it or care and I could care less what they think anyway.


are you sure it’s not just the screen protector that’s beginning to come off


Yes, you might be right.

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Thanks Jonathan, if it’s not posible to repair i will continue using It like this.
Thanks you for you information.

As noidremained mentioned it may just be the screen protector if you have not removed it. You may not be aware but as Mr. Ticks often shows in addition to the tabbed peel off screen protector that comes on these watches the factory also installs another real screen protector. They often over time may lift and cause air bubbles to form under them. It is possible that the corner of the screen protector was damaged during the drop. But in the second picture it looks to me like there is a semicircular crack that is the same depth of the screen. But also consider that if it actually chipped the glass, when you remove the screen protector it may reveal the damage which could be sharp and make render the watch only partially usable.It is your choice what to do, especially if you never removed the screen protector before now. Also usually it takes a little effort to raise an edge of it to remove it. They are well installed by the factory.

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I’m sure cause I removed them (there was several) when I bought It. Even I tried to do so again but It has no more protectors.
Thanks you for your interest.