Again did some gimp(ing) and apk(ing) with this version of Febri Iswanto It's not

Again did some gimp(ing) and apk(ing) with this version of @Febri_Iswanto
It’s not as for the D5 , we only have three hands and they have only their own positions , so we can’t lay one on top of the other , did some more cutting here then on the previous to give it a bit more dimensional look(maybe overdid some?)well here’s what it is :wink:

Download Link:

@Martin_Nijhuis ​ looks cool on KW88… Again you could also give white stroke to the rotating second circle to differentiate it from minute circle, might be more nice having rotating center… :slight_smile:

I know but because I have to cut into the images and have no reference it’s a bit tricky…Still learning here…I hope with all my heart @Smash_Smashin will be able to help us here fore this fun is ending rapidly for the KW88.
I’ll end up selling it and buying the D5+or X5+ and never will return to Sinsoftech products again.
With the D or X 5(+) and the very helpfull program CFM its a lot of fun and you can learn to make almost any CF .

@Martin_Nijhuis ​ I see… In the other hand, as I only have X5, sometimes I feel want to have KW88 also regarding its compatibility to use 3rd party launcher with CF as a widget… :smiley:

As mine is still new as it is , if you or anyone else buys my KW88 for $85 incl. shipping I’ll switch to the new D5+ or X5 + (still have to figure out which).
It’s true this is a beautiful watch and is able to do as much as any android phone, but I find myself wanting to do more /design more/have more CF’s.
Offer is only for today haha , for I know when the new launcher is out or a new firmware will provide our wishes I’ll stick to this one :wink:

@Martin_Nijhuis thanks for the interesting offer but for now I am still gonna stick to my X5 first… Needs to make more CFs and wishing collect coffee cups to get new one (if have)… Lol… :smiley:

@Martin_Nijhuis , you will give up the kw88?
I think camera,1.4 oled, square lcd config option, etc… are advantages in relation to other models.
Remains an expensive model too…
The biggest disadvantage is that of not supporting CF, right?

Right :wink: of course but this disadvantage does mean a lot…especially when the manufacturer doesn’t give a… Doesn’t reply or come with a solution. But still want us to buy their products. But overall you’re right… Beautiful watch. That’s why I said it with a touch of humor and know this feeling will change as soon as designing and adding CF is possible… But that will be thanks to the effort and skills of people in this community and not by kingwear.

Still… The offer stays till tonight… I’m a man of my word :wink: I even lowered the price a bit… Now it’s a bargain.

I have both the KW88 and X3+, though the X3+ has more sophisticated CF, I find myself using the KW88 with the simple 3 hand CF more often. I think the bigger screen size is the biggest plus point.

Seeing the time ticking away I think I’m getting to keep this watch and in near future will buy D5+ or X5 + too… Best of both worlds :wink:

I have a W806 watch. I installed the APK but I don’t find the watch face in the list. Just the ClockSkins I already had. How can I select the watch face?

This is for the KW88 Don’t know and don’t think it’ll work on other watch

I thought they were compatible. Thks