After the firmware update i can't change the faces by pressing the screen on

After the firmware update i can’t change the faces by pressing the screen on my FINOW X5.
Please help.

What is the ROM version you’ve got after OTA?

After reset all working again

Is there a new OTA update for the X5? Or this the update your talking about from 2016?

2016-09-22 is the last update I know of. This the latest one?

Im just wondering… I wish they would update the rom and bootloader so that it’s in English also

I made update and it upgrade to that one of 2016

The problem is the time of the battery.

@Nuno_Saraiva yes - it’s a known issue :frowning:
I am going to feedback to Finow and see what happens…

@Kendel_Surette The rom is in English ? Let me know if you still have an issue with the language - where did you buy it ?

Yes, the ROM is in english, the bootloader isn’t tho. And things like the weather is only in ºC that’s the only issue I’m speaking of. I bought it off eBay.

@Kendel_Surette Bootloader is Chinese by default. Weather is in Celsius by default. These things cannot be changed. Why would you want to access the boot-loader?
These questions are really better answered here